About us

About us

The Exchanga platform is a start-up project of Exchanga OU, an Estonian company.   Working in close cooperation with european and international institutional partners from the banking and financial sector, our team intends to create a reliable bridge between traditional and new financial systems.   We believe that only this approach will allow our users to discover new opportunities for the future digital economy, while preserving their sense of security and safety.

Our plans

We are open for cooperation, and are ready to share our plans with everyone who is interested in the Exchanga project.

Our values


No hidden manipulation - just an honest and transparent business


Create and implement high-tech, reliable and high-quality services


Making the world of digital innovation closer to people

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About our way...

When we considered our idea in the summer of 2017, we realized that we did not want to create another crypto-exchange. In my head was a plan to develop an integrated platform that could become a guide to a new digital age. Communicating with financiers, businessmen and representatives of the IT community, I received confirmation that we are moving in the right direction. It charges our team with energy, makes us move forward, despite the difficulties that arise on our way…

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